Private health insurance in Germany

A private health insurance protects you from high costs in case of illness and therefore it is probably the most important private insurance. Since 2009, a general health insurance obligation applies, so that everyone living in Germany must be health insured. In contrast to the statutory health insurance the contribution calculation of private funds is independent of income and is especially suitable for officers, self employed and employees with a high income.


Because the contribution amount is calculated on the age, state of health and scope of benefits, the private health insurance is also suitable for young and healthy people. The private health insurance is therefore cheaper in all cases than the statutory health insurance and also offers much more services. Additional services can be individually designed and adapted to the customer. Waiting times for treatments are shorter or completely eliminated. For statutory insured people, the private health insurance offers special solutions for supplementary insurance.


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Private health insurance Germany


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The suitable tariff...

The best policy for the private health insurance doesn’t exist for everybody – not even the best health insurer. The suitable tariff in the private health insurance can only be determined individually. Our online insurance comparison helps you to get the first orientation. Wether private or statutory protection is the better choice for you personally, you can learn at our company: The experts for the private health insurance of FinanzSchneiderei insurance broker help with the selection of over 800 tariffs. Our decades of experience and our competence offer you additionally an independent decision support.

Deductible makes sense

In order to noticeably lower the premiums of a private health insurance, a moderate deductible may be worthwhile: Of all costs submitted, the agreed deductible is always deducted from reimbursement within one calender year. For employees however arise thereby disadvantages: If the insured person is employed, part of the savings goes to the employer. But because the boss only participates in the contribution, the employee has to bear the agreed deductible on his own.

High premium refund

In many tariffs a high contribution reimbursement is offered. So insured persons, who haven’t paid any costs in the last year can get back part of their contributions. In some of the offers it is also possible to settle up pension costs, like for example heart,- cancer,- or circulatory care and a professional teeth cleaning. So who stays healthy and is supplied will be rewarded additionally. 

But beware: With the prospect of a premium refund, some customers are ready to pay their own bills over the deductible instead of settling with the private health insurance. This sometimes prevents private insured people from going to the doctor in time.

Beware of previous illness

The private funds are also allowed to reject applications for admission, add risk premiums or even exclude certain diseases, if the risk appears to be too high at the new admission. Therefore you should instruct an experienced insurance consultant. It will be negotiated in your interest with the provider of the private health insurance the best terms, if you already suffer from a previous illness or physical disabilities. An insurance broker can request several providers and find the best offer on the market for you.

About the private health insurance in Germany

Private health plans cover a broader choice of medical and dental therapy and provide broad geographic coverage. By having a private medical health insurance you're considered a personal patient and may expect more services from the medical profession. The hospitals and physicians depend to some extent on personal patients to enhance their incomes and for that reason welcome them. A patient may request and will frequently get, physicians who speak their native language. The personal insurance market is served by around 40 insurance agencies, and there are premium/benefit combinations available to fit all budgets. Per person cost of full insurance is based on the level of benefits selected, as well as on entrance age and any pre existing medical conditions. 

Finanzing of private insurance

A part of your medical insurance coverage premiums has also been tax deductible from German income taxation since 2010. The authorities insurance premium covers you and all of your non working spouse, whereas the personal insurance premium is compensated for each person insured. You can decrease the monthly cost of your personal insurance from agreeing to your deductible. Private health insurance providers aren't permitted to cancel your policy should you submit claims and are required to put ten percent of your premiums aside as a provision towards maintaining the cost stable whenever you retire. If you're considering buying an expatriate medical health insurance as a replacement for the government strategy, this might be quite stressful because the majority of the foreign insurance agencies aren't registered with the BaFin, to do business in Germany. 

How is the insurance premium calculated?

Even those which are, find their medical health insurance plans don't meet the standards set from the reforms that are new. The crux is the German government claims that there might be no set limits on compensation levels and there might be no yearly out-of pocket obligations than 5, 000 Euros. Other issues involve the way the insurance coverage premiums are calculated. The present situation is that none of the significant worldwide expatriate health insurers will offer a German language certification. Whether or not this will change is dependent on the Germans recognizing directives for cross border selling of medical health insurance for non Germans seeking a residence permit. 

How long is the contract period?

Be cautious to avoid limited term policies without a requirement of underwriting. These coverages very seldom offer an extension and don't cover existing conditions. In case you choose to remain longer than a limited contractual term and the medical health insurance contract expires, it might be both difficult and more costly to get new medical coverage in there. Additionally, despite the fact that you might have purchased this type of plan out of a German medical health insurance provider upon arrival in Germany, then it might not be recognized from the visa government and you are going to be made to buy a permanent medical health insurance plan so as to be permitted to remain. Penalty fees might apply.

Health insurance for foreign students in Germany

All foreign students studying at a German college or university have to be health insured. Depending on the country of origin, the age and the purpose of stay, different conditions apply. Generally, students fall into one of the five groups below:

  • Students from EEA countries or countries that have signed a social security agreement with Germany
  • Students from other countries
  • Students with a higher age than 30 years or who have already finished the 14th semester
  • Participants in preparatory language courses
  • Foreign doctoral students and scholarship holders

Insurance of property

People living in Germany can get well protected against all kinds of eventualities of their everyday life by taking out an insurance policy. Generally, insurances can be divided into two groups: your personal insurances on the one hand and the property insurances for your property on the other hand. Property insurances protect objects from destruction, damage or loss, personal insurances offer you protection from particular risks of life, in case of illness or accidents. Below is an overview of various types of property insurances.

Supplementary insurance is used to fill care gaps of your health insurance. It is concluded with a private insurance company.

What to do in an emergency?

What to do in an emergency? Especially if you need medical care in an emergency or if you need a hospital quickly, it is important to know who to contact and how to obtain such assistance. Below you can get some informations, how to act.

There are two different numbers to call in an emergency. You can call them if medical treatment is needed quickly or in any other case of sickness or emergency:

  • 112 - Ambulance and fire brigade
  • 110 - Police

Medicines are usually obtained through pharmacies. They are indicated by a large, red “A” symbol. There are two types of medicines:

  • available without a doctor’s prescription (e.g. headache pills)
  • prior medical examination and doctor’s prescription required (e.g. antibiotics)

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