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There are various deciding factors to consider when you select the best insurance plan: coverage, cost, which company to pick? Let me guide you through the jungle of requirements, benefits and premium plans.

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ALC Healthcare


€ 177,33

Global Health Bronze Plus Plan

  • Access to private GPs
  • Free hospital choice
  • Outpatience Limit 5.000 EUR
  • Pregnancy-/Childbirth (optional)
  • All fees charged by hospital
  • Single-room Accommodation
  • 2.000 EUR dental benefits

ALC Healthcare


€ 177,30

Global Health Gold Plan

  • Access to private GPs
  • Free hospital choice
  • Outpatience Limit 3 Mio EUR
  • Pregnancy-/Childbirth
  • All fees charged by hospital
  • Single-room Accommodation
  • 2.000 EUR dental benefits

ALC Healthcare


€ 213,78

Global Health Platinum Plan

  • Access to private GPs
  • Free hospital choice
  • Outpatience Limit 6 Mio EUR
  • Pregnancy-/Childbirth
  • All fees charged by hospital
  • Single-room Accommodation
  • 2.000 EUR dental benefits

About ALC Global Health

ALC Global Insurance provides medical healthcare á la Carte...

ALC Health provides healthcare insurance cover for individual clients, their families and international companies from across the world. A range of flexible international health insurance plans reflect the lifestyle of modern expatriates, international travellers and global citizens. 


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How to get Health insurance in Germany?

As a country with one of the best healtcare system worldwide, the German requirements are not always easy to understand - especially for foreign immigrants. There are two different health insurance systems, both equally valid, but running in parallel. The public statutory health system and private health insurance

Private health insurance here is an insurance policy which covers the cost of private healthcare. It works in a similar way like any other insurance – you pay monthly or annual premiums, and your provider re-claims ome or all of the cost of the medical treatment you receive.

The public statutory health system is compareable to NHS in the UK for example. Premium depending on your income. As a member of the statutory system you own a membercard (EHIC) to confirm cover when you visit a medical provider like your GP or hosptial. The treatment cost will be billed and re.claimed directly. However you won´t have pay first and wait for reimbursement. As yo may expect the benefits are on a very low level of nessesary treatments.

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Keychain of ALC_a_la_carte_Healthcare_Provider

ALC Insurance and the IMG Group worldwide

For over a decade ALC Health has been looking after and protecting the health of individuals, their families and international companies from across the world with a range of flexible and innovative international health insurance plans that reflect the lifestyle of today's expatriate international traveller and global citizen.


In 2017 à la carte healthcare Ltd. (ALC Health) was acquired by International Medical Group (IMG), an American leader in global benefits and assistance services.


ALC is an registered EAA-service provider within Europe based in Great Britain UK and authorized to provide cover to German and European residents.


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Select your cover with ALC Prima Plan

A comprehensive range of flexible international plans let you choose more of what you want and less of what you don't. 

Freie Sicht dank ALC Prima Concept

Prima Concept

The low-cost Tarif Prima Concept von ALC was developed to offer a privat health insurance with balanced benefits for a cheap premium. The coverage option for evacuation and return from abroad is optional insurable. 

Ausgewogenes Feld mit ALC Prima Classic

Prima Bronze Plus

The Tarif PRIMA Bronze Plus is a practical, international insurance tarif which assumes stationary, outpatient treatments. On top of that Prima Classic from ALC Health Insurance offers options for prenatal care, birth tastes as well as dental plan and professional teeth cleaning.

LAvendelduft mit ALC Prima Premier

Prima Gold

The Tarif PRIMA Gold is an traditional and comprehensive insurance tarif from the middle class of ALC Global Health. From outpatient to stationary Prima Premier offers international and balanced benefits:

Outpatient and stationary protection incl. dental plan.

The Prima Premier of ALC Health Insurance is the most chosen tarif of the clients from the offer at FinanzSchneiderei.

Gipfel mit ALC Prima Platinum

Prima Platinum

A plan with a amount of benefits and extensive medical treatments. With PRIMA Platinum you also have the option in five graduates to cover the routine-pregnancy, birth, routine and conservative dentistry, as well as evacuation and return.

Which requirements are fulfilled by the ALC Insurance cover in Germany?


German Statutory Healthcare policy within meaning of the Section §193 VVG
Cover includes out-patient, dental and inpatient benefits fulfilled
Max. excess of in- and outpatient cover less than 5.000 € not guaranteed
Scope of benefits meet substitutive healthcare policy partly fulfilled
Substitutive health insurance § 146 VAG
Premium includes saving reserves not fulfilled

No cancellation by provider due to non-payment

not fulfilled
Visa division for stays in the Schengen area
Cover in case of medical emergencies>30.000 EUR fulfilled
Medical emergency coverage fulfilled
Home country evacuation fulfilled
Assistance in case of death fulfilled

ALC Health insurance documentation

If you are resident anywhere in the world other than Hong Kong or the EEA please use the forms below.

General insurance conditions
Generic Policy Wording - English_German
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 807.5 KB
Medical certificate of ALC insurance
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 240.5 KB
Ambulant treatment application form
GERMAN Out-patient Claim Form - DE ALC60
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 254.0 KB
Dental treatment application form
GERMAN Dental Treatment Claim Form - DE
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 261.4 KB

Experiences of our customers

Because of a health emergency while I traveled around the world I contacted the FinanzSchneiderei from Hong Kong. They immediately approached the ALC and they took care of all necessary procedures with the hospital.

Julia K. from Berlin

The health insurance is one of my reliable partners and always provides me by questions proficient and symphatic.

Maximilian G. from Wiesbaden