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Freedom Health Insurance coverage was launched in 2003.  Freedom provides access to private GPs as an optional extra, fees for which are covered up to a set policy limit. 


As indipendent insurance brokers we compared all Freedom plans, which are available for clients in Germany and abroad. We recommend you look for a balance between cost and coverage to make sure you end up with the right level of protection for the best possible price.


Freedom provides a range of underwriting options including

  • moratorium
  • full medical underwriting (FMU) and
  • for switching your existing plan continued personal medical exclusions.
Freedom was a Winner of the Best Customer Service by a Provider Award at the 2015 Health Insurance Awards and shortlisted for three other awards over 2015 and 2016, Freedom is a customer-focused company with a genuine passion for health insurance. Unlike many PMI providers, Freedom offers a number of benefits on a low premium level.


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Freedom Health insurance tariffs and benefits

Freedom Health

starting from

€ 120,82

Plan Worldwide Gold

  • Access to private GPs
  • Free hospital choice
  • Outpatience limit 2.500 EUR
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • All fees charged by hospital
  • Single-room accommodation
  • 375 EUR dental benefits p.a.

Freedom Health

starting from

€ 134,52

Plan Worldwide Platin

  • Access to private GPs
  • Free hospital choice
  • Outpatience limit 5.000 EUR
  • Pregnancy and childbirth costs
  • All fees charged by hospital
  • Single-room accommodation
  • 750 EUR dental benefits p.a.

Freedom Health

starting from

€ 215,81

Worldwide Diamant Plan

  • Access to private GPs
  • Free hospital choice
  • Outpatience limit 2 Mio. EUR
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • All fees charged by hospital
  • Single-room accommodation
  • 2.250 EUR dental benefits p.a.

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About Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom Health Insurance is one of the approved EEA-service provider based in England / UK.


Freedom Health is thus a cheap option to secure disease risks for people without a health insurance. The rates were developed for customers worldwide and they offer extensive health insurance protection. However the rates couldn't completely fulfill the aspects of the compulsory insurance which are given above. Thus the offered rates aren't able to replace a german private or a statutory health insurance. The Freedom Health offers cheap rates with good services - with the FinanzSchneiderei insurance broker as a german consultant  you find a existentially medical expenses protection, which could be put together according to your needs.

  • Reliable insurance cover
  • Consider the conditions to the duty of care of the employer

Freedom Health Insurance offers comprehensive medical an additional assistance services through a worldwide network of medical service providers as well as fast help anywhere in the world.


Your special needs can be defined individually and integrated into an individual contract. The high quality product family of European health insurance correspond the high claims and medical standards in Europe, Germany and worldwide.



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Documentation of Freedom Health Insurance for download

Application for benefits Freedom (tooth)
Deantal Claim Form.pdf
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Insurance conditions of Freedom Health Insurance
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Performance overview of all Freedom-tariffs
Table Of Benefits.pdf
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Which requirements are fulfilled in coverage from Freedom in Germany?


German Statutory Healthcare policy within meaning of the Section §193 VVG
Cover includes out-patient, dental and inpatient benefits fulfilled
Max. excess of in- and outpatient cover less than 5.000 € not guaranteed
Scope of benefits meet substitutive healthcare policy partly fulfilled
Substitutive health insurance § 146 VAG
Premium includes saving reserves not fulfilled

No cancellation by provider due to non-payment

not fulfilled
Visa division for stays in the Schengen area
Cover in case of medical emergencies>30.000 EUR fulfilled
Medical emergency coverage fulfilled
Home country evacuation fulfilled
Assistance in case of death fulfilled

Plans and benefits of Freedom Health Insurance

The team of Freedom Health Insurance offers you for the contract language and communication via telephone and e-mail currently in English. As your EU-health insurance specialist the FinanzSchneiderei insurance broker keeps all application documents, terms and conditions of insurance ready and this also bilingual in German and English. Through the linguistically adapted care and administration of your European health insurance or other insurance contracts there are following advantages:

  • Avoidance of misunderstandings in communication
  • Involvement of decision makers in offers / contract management and contract layout
  • Good comprehension of all documents from the brochure up to the insurance certificate

The Freedom Health Insurance has, like the most EEA-service provider, much more clients than the most of German private health insurance companies. Many millions of insured people trust the company worldwide.


The tariff GOLD of Freedom Health Insurance is aimed at customers, who search cheap insurance covers especially for bigger cost risks. For inpatient and outpatient treatment, the tariff GOLD suit you if you focus on securing the medically necessary medical treatment and other services such as home care treatment and domestic supply aren't really important for you in selecting insurance coverage.


The tariff PLATINUM of Freedom Health Insurance is based on the scope of services between the tariffs GOLD and DIAMOND. The tariff PLATINUM offers services such as visual aids and preventive medical check-ups as well as helpful medical and other services in addtition to securing the large cost risks. Overall, a balanced price-performance ratio. For clients who search a comprehensive level of performance, this tariff is the right choice 


The health insurance plan DIAMOND of Freedom Health was developed for customers who search a comprehensive insurance cover and value on organizational support with medical care. People without a health insurance who are used to ensuring that their chosen products live up to their high standards, the tariff DIAMOND is the best and right choice. Detailed information about the Freedom Health tariff DIAMOND in terms of the scope of services are available for you in the product overview.

Experiences of our customers of Freedom Health Insurance

Kunde macht gute Erfahrungen mit der Freedom Health Krankenversicherung

Tobias M. from Birmingham:

My bills from Freedom were taken over quickly and easily by the FinanzSchneiderei. For questions I turned to the employees of FinanzSchneiderei, who translate all of my documents in English.

Freedom Health Insurance bereitet Kundin eine poitiver Erfahrung

Natalie T. from Leeds:

I would definitely recommend the Freedom Health Insurance - The transaction takes place quickly and uncomplicated every time.