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The cost of travel health insurance varies by provider in a large range. Comparing premiums, benefits and insurances there are a lot of points to consider To many factors in play, it may be time-consuming to pull up key information across every single insurer in the market, so why not ask an adviser for help?

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Travel Insurance

Young Coverage for stays
abroad up to 5 years

Incoming Healthinsurance

✔ for young people

✔ for pupils and students

✔ for Au Pairs and Work & Travel

✔ for graduate students

✔ Area covered: worldwie

✔ Apply until the age of 35

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Foreign Guests

Visitor once policy
stays abroad up to 365 days

Incoming Health insurance

✔ for foreign visitors

✔ for foreign visitors

✔ for guests from abroad

✔ for Schengen Visa

✔ valid all over Europe

✔ for stays up to 5 years

✔ available up to 75 of age

from 1,70 € a day

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European Health Insurance

✔ for Self-Employed

✔ for employees

✔ for Imigrants

✔ for businesstrips

✔ for expatriates

✔ unlimited period of validity

✔ available wihtout age limit

ab 95,20 € monthly

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 International visitors from abroad are able to apply for visa with the guarantee certificate issued by the insurance.

German medical providers will make our trip to Germany safe and easy.

Travel health insurance for foreign guests and foreigners in Germany

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, you'll appreciate the perfect benefits and coverage Insurance plans can provide. As experts, we help to consider not only a low price, but also a high scope of services and other factors.

Travel Insurance Benefits: How we can take care of you
Our advisers covered hundreds of people in Germany and all around the world last year. For your clients we provide 24/7 support from our travel professionals. Simply inquire a travel insurance plan that meets your needs best. Get a Quote to compare the individual offers side by side.

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"Natalie helped to solve my insurance issues because I didn't find a suitbale insurance for a school year in Germany and another country. But now I have a policy coverd by Mawista health insurance. Mawista re-claimed all of my medical cost caused by an accident. I'm happy beeing insured with Mawista."

Elisabeth K. from London | Student at University of Berlin

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Best German Cover for a student

Worldwide well-insured starting at 25 euro per month.

As multiple-awarded  provider of travel insurance plans the Würzburger offers with TravelSecure4Students a custom-made and reasonable foreign insurance plan for visitors like a language student, trainees, guest scientists and doctoral candidates in three variations. Are you a student? Get your online quote and apply easy with us.

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Travel Insurance AXA

With the AXA´s foreign health insurance you are protected professional on holiday and business trips. The Axa tarifs cover alll the medically necessary treatments - without the additional travel health insurance you pay as a member of the statutory health insurance the treatment costs outside of Europe itself.


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Travel Insurance Hanse Merkur

"Hand in hand" make all works better.

The HanseMerkur Insurance is your specialist for travel insurance in Germany. In particular, the health insurance for longer stays abroad of HanseMerkur have received many awards. Therefore Hanse Merkur offers customized travel insurances. Travellers can make their safety cheap with the products of German providers - perfect protection espacially for students! 


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Travel Insurance Mawista

The health insurances of Mawista protects students who want to travel to another country or you decided to study somewhere else.

The Mawista health insurance is a specialist for foreigner in germany or german people in other countries. So every student or pupils who are insured at the Mawista are perfectly protected if they are in another country to fulfill their school career. The Mawista also has many kind of offers so their customers have many possibilities to insure themselves.


"Last year I nedded a health insurance urgently because i studied in another state. I founded online the FinanzSchneiderei insurance broker and they offered me a fitting plan from the mawista. Mawista provides travel insurance and covered my needs during school time. After this period with Mawista the brokers supported to find a cheap solution to stay in Europe for another year."

Celine H. from Washington | customer of Mawista

Health insurance reqirements in Germany for schnegen visa

Travel Insurance to Schengen countries is mandatory for every traveler. A group of 29 European countries fall into the Schengen Agreement, thus eliminating the internal border which controls them.


Travel Medical Insurance plans cover temporary health costs. These plans provide cheap coverage for accidents or illness, saving you from large medical cost if you require a visit at medical provider, doctor or hospital. Benefits 

  • Repatriation and emergency evacuation
  • 24/7 access to emergency assistance medical services
  • Freedom to apply treatment for in-patient and out-patient treatments of your choice
  • Maximum Limits from $50,000 to $2,000,000
  • Trip duration up to 24 – 36 months
  • eligible excess from € 0 to € 2.500

When you are preparing your journey to Germany, please remember to investigate your insurance plan benefits. Doing so, you feel calm knowing that you can access any assistance you might need while traveling.


Travel insurance enquiry

About Schengen Visa Procedures and Travel insurance

To apply for visa, first make sure that you know your visa type and have arranged the documents for your application as per the list provided under required documents. In general you will need the following documents:

  • Passport (valid for 3 months beyond the planned stay period minimum)
  • Visa Application Form
  • Foto / Photograph
  • Confirmation of your travel insurance policy

While applying for a Schengen Visa it is mandatory to provide a copy of your travel health insurance policy. The insurance provider must have a physical office in the Schengen territory. The travel policy must be valid for the entire duration of stay.


Further Necessary Information

Apply for Visa online at a German Embassy/Consulate with the jurisdiction. Your application will be examined in the embassy and you may be contacted for an interview, if necessary. After completing the verification process and post approval, you will be issued a travelling visa.


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Schengen Visa and Travel insurance Guide

When visitors are going to travel to Europe, they will need to know the requirements of the Schengen countries for insurance coverage. Not only Germany but 25 other countries of the schengen area are part of majority of European countries, except some countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria Ireland and the UK for expample. 


A trip for a longer period than three months requires  specific travel insurance coberage whether visitors are traveling for business or pleasure, in a group or by your own.


Plans must be valid throughout the territory of the member states. Coverage has to last the entire period of stay. Germany and all other Countries of the Schengen area will require a visa letter from the insurance provider including the confirmation that the plan covers these requirements. Of course the confirmation letter needs to have your complete name matching your passport and your date of birth.


Ensure to check with your consulate / embassy about other specific health insurance minimums - because in some cases they can vary.